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The series will premiere on Disney India summer 2017

52 x 11 min

Meet YOM – a yoga-master super-sleuth, who kicks butt with his AWESOME ANIMAL POWERS! Yom seems like a regular kid – he avoids homework, loves gadgets and gleefully outsmarts the school bully. BUT… every time Yom strikes a yoga pose that is based on a particular animal…he gains that animal’s powers! He can swoop like an eagle, track scent like a dog, or even swim like a fish! However, to his horror…he also absorbs the animal’s weaknesses! Yom grapples with his unique powers to battle dastardly villains and keep his town safe!

Disney conducted a multi-city pre-launch research of the show and the results have been excellent.
The Show launches on May 1st with three airings during the day. Major launch plans as its Disney India biggest summer release.

You can watch an episode of the series here: