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“Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev” – “Lord of the Lords… Mahadev”

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Running successfully in India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Thailand and Fiji

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Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev is a television series based on legends featuring the Hindu God Shiva, also knows as Mahadev (the great god). The show narrates the most famous of these legends, sourced from the Puranas and the work of well known mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik,in an episodic fashion.

The story starts with the tale of Shiva’s marriage with Sati. Sati is a partial incarnation of the Supreme Goddess and is born as the daughter of Prajapati Daksha, who is a staunch devotee of Vishnu. She is drawn towards Shiva against the will of her father. Shiva and Sati get married and start living in Kailash. Soon after Daksha organises a yajna where all the gods except for Shiva are invited. Sati is distraught as this slight, and against Shiva’s wishes, journeys to her parental home to question her father. Daksha, drunk on his own power and piety insults Shiva in front of Sati. Torn with remorse on having ignored her divine husband’s wishes Sati gives up her body in the fires which emanate from her own body – pranagni. The grief-striken Shiva produces an aaveshavatar an incarnation of a fierce moodVirabhadra, who slays Daksha. Later, on hearing the prayers of Daksha’s wife he restores Daksha’s life. A distraught Shiva leaves with burnt corpse of Sati and wanders around the universe. Vishnu with the use of his divine discus dismembers the body into pieces, scattering them on earth. Shiva transforms the pieces into Shakti Peethas, embodiments of the power of the Goddess Adi Shakti.

After an age, during which Shiva plunges into austere tapas, Sati is reborn as Parvati, the daughter of Himavan, king of the Himalayas and Mainavati. She is also the sister of the river-goddess, Ganga. Parvati is raised in the hermitage of the Shaivite sage Dadhichi, who instructs her. As Parvati matures, she is captivated by the thought of attaining Shiva himself as her husband. Gradually the memory of her previous birth as Sati awakens in her; and she undertakes the most severe of austerities to please Shiva. He is appeased and they are married in the presence of all the gods and goddesses.

Kartikeya is born to Shiva and Parvati. The gods are pleased because it is Kartikeya who is destined to slay their arch foe, the demon Tarakasura and his brothers. Kartikeya is also nominated for the throne of the King of Devas but Shiva asks Indra to continue as the king. After this Kartikeya is sent to the Dakshin (south) where he is cared for by Meenakshi and here he slays the demon (asura), Tripath with her help.

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