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“Kasautii Zindagii Kay” – “The Test of Life”

Kasautii Zindagii Kay
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Moloy Basu runs a large company called Basu Publications, and his best friend Rajesh Sharma works for it. Moloy wants Rajesh’s daughter Prerna to marry his son Anurag. At first, Anurag and Prerna dislike the idea, but later they fall in love. Anurag’s mother Mohini is against this relationship because of the financial disparity between the upper-class Basus and middle-class Sharmas. One day, the lovers get stuck in a lonely place and end up consummating their relationship. Their mutual love is recognized by their fathers, who decide to get them engaged. But, in a tragic accident, Rajesh passes away and Moloy goes into coma. Using this opportunity, Mohini plans to separate them. She successfully uses emotional blackmail on Anurag. Prerna finds out she is pregnant, even as Anurag marries Komolika, the daughter of Mohini’s friend. Prerna thinks Anurag has cheated her and decides to take revenge. Anurag silently helps her. Later, Prerna gives birth to a son and names him Prem. He is adopted by Prerna’s brother and sister-in-law. The Basu family gets a shock on finding out that Komolika is a gold-digger. She has married Anurag for the sake of his family’s wealth. Anurag divorces her. He also finds out that Prem is his son.

Happiness seems to be back in the lives of Prerna and Anurag. They decide to get married, with blessings from both families. But fate plays spoilsport. Komolika takes over the Basu family’s assets. She is helped by Rishabh Bajaj, a handsome, rich, shrewd and hardhearted businessman. The Basu family is facing the worst time of their lives. Prerna approaches Mr. Bajaj. He asks her to marry him in return for the assets. She unhappily agrees, for the sake of Anurag’s family, and gets married to Bajaj. Anurag is heartbroken and unable to forget her.


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