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This is the story of Lakshmi, a girl from Jodhpur who dreams oof becoming a Bollywood Star. She idolizes Ayesha Sareen a yesteryear Bollywood star. Lakshmi wants to be launched opposite Samar, who happens to be Ayesha’s brother-in-law. Lakshmi comes to Mumbai but gets rejected by Ayesha, however she manages to become her P.A. and does the most unimaginable tasks to please Ayesha and in all this Raaj, her roommate helps her. She is completely unaware that Raaj is none other than Samar himself, who is leading a middle class life to prepare for a role. Raaj and Lakshmi are drawn towards each other. Ayesha discovers this, and the fear and insecurity of Lakshmi replacing her sets in. Ayesha manipulates Lakshmi to choose Karan, the director of Samar’s first film, over Raaj. Lakshmi is in a dilemma whether to chose fame or her true love.

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