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“Hatim” – “Arab prince”

Hatim  - International Indian TV series distribution 1

Running successfully in India, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka

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Hatim and the Seven Riddles are part of an ageless, evergreen Arabian classic that has stood the test of time through many centuries.

The base of the story deals with the age-old concept of Good versus Evil. In this story, the protagonist is the handsome young Hatim, Prince of Yemen. He is strong, courageous, virtuous, protector of the weak and destroyer of evil. It revolves around his adventures in strange lands and encounters with strange creatures, while he’s on his mission to solve the Seven Riddles, that can help him destroy the power of the Evil Emperor Dajjal.

Dajjal stands for the exact opposite for all the good that Hatim embodies. He is a worshipper of the Devil and wishes to expand his evil empire.


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