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Kaali – Ek Punar Avtar – ‘Kali re-incarnated’

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This is the story of a mother who stands against the powerful nexus of wealthy businessmen and the corrupt system. Vani has raised her son Nimai and daughter Pankhi all alone after the untimely demise of her husband. She herself being a primary teacher, Nimai graduates from IIM and grabs a good job. He introduces his love – Sayali to Vani. Sayali is daughter of Rajkumar Tyagi , who is the kingmaker of the city. The political, police – judiciary system works at his wish and fancy. He is not fond of Nimai but he arranges for the engagement as it is his daughter’s wish. But Nimai does not arrive on the day of the engagement. He is found dead two days later on highway in an accident. Vani somehow does not believe that it was an accident. She pushes for a probe. Sayali joins her. To Sayali’s dismay , it is revealed to her that her father and brother together planned to eliminate Nimai. Vani takes up the task to bring Sayalis’ brother to the court. Sayali helps her, but eventually she has to get married. Vani is now alone, keeps her struggle on , raising her daughter and taking care of her old mother.

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