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“Naamkarann” – “The Naming”

Running successfully in Pakistan and Srilanka

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Naamkarann is a story of an illegitimate child, Avni, who in a journey to create an identity for herself faces numerous hurdles created by her own grandmother, Dayavanti. In this journey, Avni realises that Dayavanti too is a victim of her past and learns to forgive her.

Naamkaran is a Avni’s journey to get legitimacy and her respect for her mother – Asha. In this journey she evolves and is confronted with various different truths; the truth of her step mother who is not at fault…the truth of Avni’s grandmother who is a prisoner of her past. It is then Avni learns there is never one truth each person has his own truth and they all are true. The day she understands this, the relations get redefined she learns to understand her enemy and no longer wishes to defeat them.

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