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Annu ki ho Gayee waah bhai waah

“Annu ki ho Gayee waah bhai waah” – “Timid Annu possesses one talent”

Best rating Indian TV series Annu ki ho Gayee waah bhai waah

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Shy, timid Annu possesses one talent: She can bring cheer to the saddest soul and melt the hardest heart with any dish she cooks! Annu and family have all the love and affection one could ask for but no money. She is not ambitious and is perfectly content with her life, thinking that she will get married, have children, and life will go on. But fate has different things in store for her.

Unexpected events turn her life around completely and, with a queer twist of fate, she lands up in a top professional restaurant. With no training and confidence, Annu is in the tough world of professional chefs against all odds. But she weaves her magic on everyone. Eventually in her quiet, charming way Annu will create the perfect recipe for food and love. And in this restaurant Annu will find her friends, confidence in herself, and her true love Ashu.


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