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“Dill Mill Gayye” – “And the hearts met”

Dill Mill Gayye - International Indian TV series distribution 1

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Dill Mill Gayye follows the lives of surgical interns and resident doctors of Sanjeevani. Set in the backdrop of Sanjeevani Hospital, it deals with the pressures, drama, romance, inter personal relationships and humour in the lives of the young doctors. Dill Mill Gayye starts with Doctor Armaan joining Sanjeevani as intern with Dr. Rhidimma (Shilpa Anand) and others. Armaan and Rhidimma have a lot of fights between them but gradually Armaan falls in love with Rhidimma after getting lost with her in a jungle. As time passes Armaan falls in love with Rhidimma more and more but Rhidimma doesn’t show any love towards him, instead avoids him. When Rhidimma’s sister Dr. Anjali realizes that Armaan is having feelings for her sister she gets jealous and bets with Armaan that he can never make Rhidimma fall in love with him. This makes Armaan furious and he accepts the bet. Soon Armaan starts to do things which leaves Rhidimma thinking that he loves her. Slowly, Rhidimma becomes attracted towards Armaan and falls in love with him. On the day of Dandiyan festival they dance together and Anjali realizes that her sister is in love with Armaan now and she goes to Armaan and tells him that the bet is over and he should stop playing with Rhidimma’s feelings but when Armaan is about to deny to Anjali that he is not pretending that he loves Rhidimma, Rhidimma hears their conversation and gets hurt and leaves. Armaan tries to stop her and tell her that he is in love with her but she doesn’t listen and leaves. The next day at the hospital Armaan tries to talk to Rhidimma, but Rhidimma ignores him. She scolds him for using her and playing with her feelings. She tells him that they are strangers to each other. Days pass and Armaan keeps on asking for forgiveness form Rhidimma and tries to tell her the truth but she refuses to listen. When they both save the life of a patient alone in the hospital together there Rhidimma accepts Armaan’s friendship proposal and tells him that there relationship should not go further than friendship ever again. With a heavy heart Armaan agrees to it as he feels that at least he will be able to talk to her. After 3–4 months of friendship rhidimma feels that armaan is not a bad person from heart and her feeling for armaan starts to erupt again but she doesn’t show any feelings in front of him. One day armaan bets to have a bike race with one of his friends but everyone think it is a bad idea as bike racing can turn out dangerous but armaan doesn’t listens. while doing bike racing armaan gets into a severe accident and gets badly injured. when rhidimma find this out she runs towards hospitals with tears in her eyes and decides to take care of armaan as her patient. she even stays whole night in his bedroom for his take care. when armaan wakes up, atul tells him that how rhidimma was so worried about his health and took care of him while he was fighting between life and death. Hearing that armaan gets very happy and tries to ask rhiddima why is she so concerned about him but she doesn’t give any proper answers. Armaan makes a resolution that he will make rhiddima express her true feelings for him. on the new year eve, he goes to rhiddimma who is standing on the roof of the hospital and holds her asking that he knows that she loves him but is hiding her feelings. Listening this, rhiddima gets tears in her eyes and runs away from him. 2–3 days later when armaan joins hospital back, while doing something his bloods starts to come out from his wounds and rhiddima helps him getting it out. while doing armaan’s dressing, rhidimma starts to cry and expresses his love to him. he tells her that he loves him too like crazy and they both hug each other. Sweet scenes between them take place, fights happen and then they get enganged. one day they see a couple who comes to their hospital wounded and they ask them what happened . the couple tells them that they love each other but their parents are against their marriage and wanted to kill them. hearing this armaan and rhiddima decides to help the couple. soon the couples parents arrives at the hospital with guns and starts shotting bullets towards them. seeing a bullet coming towards armaan rhiddima comes infront of it and bullets gets into her back. seeing this armaan gets in state of shock and rhiddima falls on him and armaan’s head hit the glass table. they both go on the floor. They look at each other in tears and tries to hold hands but faints before holding hands. Nothing is reaveled to viewers about armaan and rhidimma condition afterwards and their story ends here.

Then the season 2 starts in the show with new interns as dr. siddhant, dr yuvi, dr tammana and dr naina. the love stories of yuvi, naina and sid(siddhant), tammana begins. but both love stories ends in vain. Dr tamman tells siddhant that she loves him but cant marry him due to his personal problems and goes away. Dr. naina also tells yuvi that she cannot marry him due to few problems and goes away too. on the day tamman leaves, dr.rhiddimma is shown after 6 months leap and siddant comes face to face with rhiddimma on the airport,unexpectedly. rhiddimma thinks him as immature and non-sense person and scolds him on every single thing. soon she arrives at sanjeevni and memorizes all the old and beautiful memories of her and armaan. she then cries saying that after bullet hit her, doctors told armaan that she might not be able to walk for rest of her life and hearing this he leaves her for forever. but it is later revelaed to rhidimma that rhidimma’s father pleaded infront of armaan that he might gets tumor as his head hit the glass table so he should better leave from rhiddima’s life as she don’t want her daughter to lose her husband at young age. with a heavy heart armaan leaves her and never comes back. Hearing this she gets very happy as armaan didn’t leave her with his own will but because of his father and she sets out in search of armaan with sid. she finally finds him but when she is about to face him she faints from cold and sid takes her to the cottage where they are staying. sid finds that rhiddimma is dying with cold so he provides her with his body heat. when rhiddimma wake up she gets finds out about the past night and gets shocked and says that sid this on purpose and used her. she says that now what she will tell armaan that she didn’t protect herself decides not to come face to face with armaan again. when sid and rhiddima situation is reveled in front of rhiddimma’s father, he asks rhiddimma to marry sid as there is no other way left. she doesn’t agree first as she hates sid of his doings but when her parents force her, she accepts it with broken heart. After marriage she doesn’t keep any relation between her and sid and tries to stay away from him as she blames him for making her separate from armaan. a lot days goes by and sid stays quiet. everyone tries to make rhiddima accepts her married life but she doesn’t listen anyone and always thinks about armaan. Sid stays nice to him as he feels himself quilty in making both lovers apart.After 3–4 months of their marriage and spending some time with sid, rhidimma thinks that may be its the time to move forward in her life and her destiny was sid and not armaan so she decides to accept sid as her husband. sid gets happy to hear this as well as he starts to develop feelings towards rhiddima too. When they are about to start their new lives, armaan appears and leaves everyone astonished, specially rhiddima. rhiddima gets shattered seeing him back. she gets happy and sad at the same time. when armaan learns about her marriage, he shatters and thinks that when he didn’t marry than how can rhidimma married another person. He gets heart broken and decides to leave as there is nothing left for him now. Hearing this rhiddima cries a lot at her house and sid sees her. There sid feels that no matter what happen armaan and rhiddima are both made for each other and he can never take armaan’s place in rhiddima’s heart, no matter how hard he tries. Armaan is her only true love and he is the only person she can live happy with. sid gives divorce to rhiddima and set her free. she runs to stop armaan and finally founds him. she proposes him to marry her and he becomes very happy and with joy, armaan says yes to her and hug her. sid sees this from far, he smiles and leaves from there. Arman and rhidimma both become happy and their friend come to them singing, hum to chale tay dost ban kar, jane khan dil mil gaye.



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