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“Do Dil Ek Jaan” – “Two hearts that beat as one”

Do Dil Ek Jaan - International Indian TV series distribution 1
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Antara Kaul, is free spirited, wants to enjoy life. Her father is killed in a bomb blast by terrorists. A distraught Antara, having bruised memories of Kashmir valley, and the responsibility of her mother and brother, decides to come down to Mumbai.
There Antara bumps into Raghu. Rowdy, loud and someone who she thinks is an anti social element. While, for him, she is someone who is so different from any girl he has met, any person he has met. As fate would have it, Satya, Raghu’s brother too falls for Antara.
On the day of Antara and Raghu’s wedding, it is revealed that Raghu had a hand in the bombing which killed Antara’s father. Their love story takes a sharp U-turn from here on….


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