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This is the story of Roshini who instead of going to study in the US, goes to the former college of her older sister in Mumbai in her search for answers of why her syster has committed suicide. Who was her sister frequenting, what tilted her to do that? When in college she gets close to the ‘Paanch’ gang – a group of the “best” in college whom her sister was close to and who believe they can do anything in life and get away with it. She also gets to know Mishra ji who keeps the Paanch safe and covers up their mistakes every time. Roshni realizes that cutting off Mishra ji’s support will make the Paanch vulnerable. Roshni sets out to put this plan into action when she receives the information which could change her plans. Will Roshni successfully avenge her sister’s death by causing slow blows to Gauri and her gang? Or will she get caught in the web herself?

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