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Suhani Si Ek Ladki – ‘A beautiful girl Suhani’

Suhani Si Ek Ladki - International Indian TV series distribution 1
Running successfully in Mauritius and Pakistan

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This is the story of three friends , Suhani, Yuvraaj and Soumya. Suhani is an innocent, simple and average looking young girl. She is smart, bubbly, caring and compassionate. She overcomes her problems with her extraordinary intelligence and wit and is always willing to help others . Yuvraaj is a young, dynamic and good-looking guy. He has an impressive personality and has never craved for female attention as he is stylish and handsome. An upfront and straight-forward guy and his only passion in life is to marry the most beautiful woman on earth. Soumya is young and extremely beautiful. She believes that beauty needs to be valued, praised and pampered. She and Suhani are best friends, but at times she tends to be selfish putting her own happiness ahead of others. She is a dreamer and she wants a guy who will constantly praise her and pamper her for her beauty.

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