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Tumhari Pakhi – “Yours Pakhi”

Tumhari Pakhi

Running successfully in Georgia, Indonesia, LATAM, Pakistan, Romania, Srilanka, Thailand and Vietnam

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“The luxury scenes, the dramatic story combined with the unbelievable colors of India had an impressive appeal for our viewers.”

Acquisition manager Rustavi2 Georgia

“In Tumhari Pakhi you get them all: strong characters, plot twists, sentiment evolution, colorful exquisite scenery (must visit India sometimes ), Indian tradition and good Indian music, all packaged in a very good quality HD. Your slice of Indian contemporary flavor, if you please. “

Acquisition manager Pro TV Romania


Anshuman’s father who believed in child marriage, married off his son to a girl named Pakhi when they were very young. But some problems during marriage between the two families finally resulted into not taking pakhi to her in-laws house. Anshuman married a smart city girl when he was of age and had a son Ayan but unfortunately his wife died. As time passed he decided to marry Tania, daughter of a rich bussinessman, Ranaji. But when the news of his first wife was known to all he unwillingly had to bring Pakhi back. He, his sister Lavnya and Tania decided to trick her some how to go back to her Parents’ place. They brought many challenges in her path but she overcame them all. She was asked to run the house, keeping in mind its standard, within a weekly budget (less than the usual budget).Pakhi’s last challenge was that she had to make Ayan, who despises her, call her ‘Ma’. On the day when Pakhi has to leave Simla, but she finds out that it was Anshuman all along who was trying to get rid of her, as he is in love with Tania. She is shattered. But due to her love for Anshuman, she does not want him to be blamed for their divorce.

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