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About us


Intellecta Srl is a strategic media consultancy, specializing in the syndication of the best Indian TV series and Bollywood movies.

In the last five years we have grown to be one of the major players in the market of syndication of Indian content across Europe, Russia and the CIS. And we have facilitated the syndication of the best rating Indian TV series and Bollywood movies to Romania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Serbia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and Georgia, to name a few.

Which make the selection of Indian TV series and Bollywood movies easier for new territories partners, since we have now case-studies of international success and the ratings these programs have achieved internationally.

Our growth into the sphere of content syndication, could only happen with the brilliant partnership and support we have from our Indian partners:

Star India Pvt
Eros Entertainment
Yash Raj Films

Our team speakers six languages and being located in Europe, we are in the best position to service all of our TV clients.

Having grown out of years of marketing experience, we care for the performance of each program in every new market, since we know that once it starts making good ratings, it is a win-win for both sides. That is why, when we offer you programs, we keep in mind the associations of the local TV viewers with India, as well as which series have already performed well and where, so that the choice you make as a programming manager is a winning one.

That is how Intellecta Srl has become the biggest syndication partner for Indian TV series and Bollywood movies in Europe, Russia and the CIS countries.