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Ek Veer Ki Ardaas - Veera - International Indian TV series distribution 1
Running successfully in Ghana, Indonesia and Pakistan

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The story of Veera shares the journey of a brother, who becomes a mother to his sister. He takes care of baby Veera’s every need right from feeding her to grooming her and educating her. They share an unbreakable bond that gets formed between siblings and the life-changing sacrifices they make for each other.

Their father, Sampooran Singh lives with his wife Ratan and their son Ranvi. Ratan learns that Sampooran has a daughter with another woman. Ashamed and guilty for cheating on his wife, Ranvi’s father leaves. The other woman from who he has another child also leaves after Ranvi’s mother insults her, leaving the infant daughter on their doorstep. Ranvi accepts and cares for the baby, naming her Veera.
Although he accepts Veera as his sister, his heartbroken mother despises her……

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