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Manmarzian – ‘Desires of my heart’

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For the first time ever, on Indian television s show set in the MAD world of …Advertising. Manmazian is an endeavor to make the coolest, most contemporary and youthful show on TV and capture the spirit of the urban youth today. Manmarzian is a refreshing contemporary tale about two girls who are Rivals…Colleagues…Friends…Roomies…Family. Radhika, is the hopeful small town girl with big dreams while Samaira is the quintessential rich city girl with a repressed past. For them, experiencing life while living away from home, in the city of Mumbai is far more important than the “rut” of getting married and raising a family. This show is also about how ‘Friends become the family you choose’. Dosti… Yaariyan… Manmarziyan is a story about Radhika Mishra and Samaira Khanna two young women who are friends but hail from different backgrounds. Radhika, a reserved but amiable middle-class girl, loves to write. She desires to utilise her talent and be single for now. Samaira, her best pal, encourages her to live her life on her terms. In the series finale, both become successful women and lead happy life. Radhika marries Samaira’s fiancé Arjun and Samaira marries her best friend Neil. Radhika knows that someday she will do as her parents expect – become somebody’s wife. But for now, she wants to achieve her dreams, and soar high.

You can watch a video presentation and synopsis of the series here:


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