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Chandra Gupta Maurya is a real historical figure and one of the greatest rulers, warriors and administrators of India. He was instrumental into uniting the Indian subcontinent into one state. However, very few know about his love story with Nandini, who is the daughter of his biggest enemy.

These are the times, when India was divided into small kingdoms, who were fighting between themselves and also the time, when Alexander the Great arrived in India in his attempt to conquer it and make it part of his empire.

Mentored by Chanakya, known as one of India’s most profound minds and strategists, Chandra Gupta goes on a mission to unite the small kingdoms of India into one state. He marries Nandini, who inside her heart cannot forgive him for killing her father and brothers.

The series follows the two in finding out why each of them married the other and will these sworn enemies give into their love or vengeance for each other?

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