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Total Hours


Set in the political and legal world of Delhi, this is the love story of Adarsh and Swadheenta whose goals are same, but path different. Adarsh is a civil service officer, who always supports the truth and justice. He belongs to a three-son family of high legal stature, where his mother, is a renowned senior advocate, his father and elder brother administrative officers and his younger brother is a policeman.

Swadheenta on the other hand is an aspiring lawyer hailing from Chennai, who always supports the poor and their rights and justice. At a friend’s wedding, Adarsh meets Swadheenta and gets attracted to her at first sight.

A fresh law graduate, Swadheenta agrees to fight on behalf of several farmers against Ahuja Constructions, owned by the family of Ardash’s sister in law. Meanwhile, Swadheenta and Adarsh have certain encounters where he tries to ask her out for coffee and she refuses, but agrees when Adarsh helps her with the case. Through her wittiness and strong arguments she wins the case and gets a call from Adarsh’s mother asking her to assist her as an intern lawyer….

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