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“Jana Na Dil Se Door” – “Don’t Go Away From My Heart”

Jana Na Dil Se Door

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A passionate love story where romance unfolds in the face of class differences.. Jana Na Dil Se Door explores Love’s never seen before aspect. Instead of being the source of pain and insecurity, what if ‘Love’ makes you strong and evolves you as a person…

Such is Vivida’s journey in Atharv’s love. Vividha is a small town girl, brought up in a confined and restricted environment. To her the family is her world and her father the idol. She is caring and obedient by nature, she gets attracted to Arthav’s fearlessness and chivalry.

Atharv is a brave, independent and ambitious boy, who aspires to be successful and make a name for himself. A man of few words, Atharv is a person who doesn’t believe in love.

And then they fall in love …..

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