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Geet Hui Sabse Parayi
Running successfully in Iraq, Mauritius, MENA, North Africa and Pakistan

Total Hours


The series revolves around the life of an 18-year old girl named Geet. She marries Dev on her family’s wish and three days later, Dev ditches her, takes her family’s money and property and heads off to Canada. Dev leaves Geet pregnant on the airport.

After severing ties with his family for attempting to wrongfully kill her (due to her pregnancy), Geet moves to Delhi and is now working under Maan Singh. He is a man she coincidentally met in her hometown and had frequent encounters with. Maan has saved Geet’s life many times – the moment Geet’s in trouble, Maan comes to her aid. Furthermore, since being new in Delhi and not knowing anything, Geet works in Maan’s office. By accident, Maan is Dev’s elder brother.

Dev returns to India after Maan clears Dev’s debts. Dev is oblivious that Geet works for Maan, but can see a visible change in his brother due to Geet’s presence. The ever-increasing love between Maan and Geet is constantly trialed and tested……

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