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Tere Sheher Mein – ‘In your City’

Tere Sheher Mein

Running successfully in Pakistan

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Amaya is the pampered daughter of Rishi Mathur, a business tycoon. She lives happily in Paris with her father, mother and two sisters. Amaya’s father has fulfilled her every wish since childhood, so she doesn’t see the value of money. One of Amaya’s sisters becomes engaged to Rohan and everyone is excited for the wedding. Soon after the engagement, Amaya’ father becomes bankrupt, but he doesn’t reveal this to his family as he doesn’t want them to be stressed, but due to the stress and tension he commits suicide.

Amaya father’s death changes the family’s completely. They lose all their property in Mumbai and her sister engagement is broken. Their father is stamped as a fraud in the media. The family faces a shortage of money and moves back to Banaras, their hometown. Amaya and her mother struggle to settle in Banaras at first, but learn to accept their new home…..

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