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Teri Meri love stories – “Yours and mine love stories”

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Running successfully in Bulgaria, Indonesia and Srilanka

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In today’s busy world, people are more tied up with their timelines and targets. They are left with very less or no time for themselves and their near and dear ones. With chnaging times, career is becoming priority and love and togetherness is taken for granted. Various pressures of life have over-shadowed love. People now need a trigger to realise their love and it is this trigger that rekindles their love and ensures that it finds its rightful place. Love sans situations, ages, caste, creed and necessities, but after the loss of lover, it realises that each moment of a happy lover’s life is worth an age of common and dull life.

The show is a collection of assorted love stories. These heartfelt stories are based on the lives of common people who surrender to the pressures of life and let love fade away. Until an incident rekindles them and make them realise their love once again. The stories reemphasise that love will have its day. The show has a strong background of music, which resonates with the popular saying ‘music is what love sounds like’.

You can watch a video presentation and synopsis of the series here:


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