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Ye hai Mohabbatein

“Ye hai Mohabbatein” – “This is love”


Ye hai Mohabbatein

Running successfully in India, Pakistan, Mauritius, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Africa, Srilanka, Thailand and Cambodia

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This is the story of Raman and Ishita who are connected by their common love for little Ruhi. She adores children, but doctors have told her that she can’t have her own. He is in a bitter divorce with his wife and fighting for the custody of Ruhi. And the little Ruhi is searching for someone to love her and to be her friend and she finds this someone in their next door neighbor Ishita. So when the time comes for little Rushi to say in court if she would like to stay with her mother or her father, she chooses Ishita….

This is when Raman and Ishita decide to get together for the sake of the little girl and slowly start falling in love with each other …..

You can watch a video presentation and synopsis of the series here:


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