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Sadda Haq – “My Life My Choice”

Sadda Haq

Running successfully in Pakistan and South Africa

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Sanyukta Aggarwal is from a conservative family with the dreams of becoming a mechanical engineer and work in her father’s automobile company. She studies at FITE, Roorkee, the prestigious engineering college in India. She meets Randhir Singh Shekhawat, who thinks that girls are incapable of studying mechanical engineering. From her family members, only her mother supports her to achieve her dreams. Henceforth, Sanyukta’s life revolves around her hatred, and competition with Randhir, her friendships with Kaustuki, Jiggy, Sahil, YoYo, and Vidushi, and her being the member and performer of the Dream Team mentored by Prof. Vardhan Suryavanshi for participating in inter college and international college technical fest events.

Parth from CITE college joins FITE and makes friendship with Sanyukta and her friends. Randhir and Sanyukta become friends, eventually they become lovers but cannot overcome personal problems. Jignesh, Kaustuki, and YoYo fall in the love triangle. Parth and Vidushi face the complicated relationship. Sanyukta wins YSA competition. Sanyukta’s father decides her marriage with Sameer Mittal, which she finally cancels after knowing that Mittal family asked for dowry. Kaustuki leaves FITE. Sanyukta’s three years of college life comes to an end. She leaves her house to achieve her dreams. She lives in a PG and clears her hostel fee. Randhir’s parents get divorced. His dad is jailed. He confronts his stepfather and step brother.

Sanyukta’s final year internship in her dad’s company meets a tragic end. Parth saves Vidushi from her ex-husband’s trap. Jiggy commits suicide. Rana’s drug racket operation inside FITE fails, taking the lives of Prof. Vardhan and a student. Sanyukta’s mother settles down in Randhir’s father’s apartment. FITE reopens. Randhir’s best friend Karan dies in an accident. Prof. Abhay, the new Dream Team mentor’s past unfolds. Sanyukta’s mother dies after her battle with brain tumor. Sanyukta becomes Aggarwal Automobile company’s shareholder. Randhir joins his mom’s company as a board member. Meanwhile, a “society with secrets” disrupts Aggarwal Automobile company. Later Ada, a member of secret group offers Randhir to join them with all terms and conditions, which Randhir agrees to. Randhir, Sanyukta and Prof. Abhay successfully expose Ada and the secret group to the world. Randhir and Sanyukta get secretly married and Sanyukta’s brother and Vidushi get engaged the same day. Dream Team wins international tech fest event, but Parth gets seriously injured. First season ends with Sanyukta becoming a successful mechanical engineer

Season 2: After battling her way through, despite the male-dominated engineering college and conservative family, Sanyukta, now a graduate, is working with ISRC for Mission Mars. Now that Sanyukta is closer to her dreams, will she find the perfect balance in life, including her lost love, Randhir?

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