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“Tu Mera Hero – You are my hero”

Tu Mera Hero - International Indian TV series distribution 1

Running successfully in Mauritius and Pakistan

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Set in Mathura, this is the story of Titu. He lived like a Prince and wasn’t accustomed to making an effort for anything… Titu marries Panchi, his quineseential opposite.

She pushes him out of his comfort zone… Supports him to pursue an unconventional career of his choice – A comedian. Societal restraints can’t deter her.

Tu Mera Hero is a fresh story that reflects an Indian family and how they try to balance their societal obligations and aspirations in an ever changing world.

Panchi – the daughter-in-law goes against the family and the society to support her husband in an off beat profession as his success is all that matters to her.

You can watch a video presentation and synopsis of the series here:


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