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“Siya Ke Ram” – “The Ramayana according to Sita”

Siya Ke Ram  - International Indian TV series distribution 1
Running successfully in Indonesia, Myanmar, Srilanka and Thailand

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Janak is the childless King of Mithila. While Mithila has suffered drought for 12 years, elsewhere Ram and his brothers are under tutelage of Guru Vashist. Janak builds a golden sickle and unearths a baby girl as he begins to plough. The baby’s first cry leads to rainfall. Janak wants to find out whether or not the baby has a family. He is shocked to see baby lift the Shiv Dhanush. Rishi Yagyavalkya suggests to keep the baby and Janak names her Sita. The main story later develops, increasing the excitement of Ramayana and his studies of nature and the world, focusing on Sita and Rama’s interesting life story.

You can watch a video presentation and synopsis of the series here:


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